Afinitor (Everolimus)




Basic Information On Afinitor

Afinitor may be a drug that has chemotherapeutic properties and is employed for treating patients affected by renal cell cancer. This drug is employed on patients who haven’t skilled other chemotherapeutic drugs. This drug blocks the activity of a selected part inside the cells referred to as mTOR which is involved within the growth of a tumor. What Afinitor does is it helps prevent the expansion of cancerous cells and stops them from spreading throughout the whole body. Everolimus is the generic name for the trade name drug Afinitor. It can treat cancer of the kidney, pancreas, breast, and brain. It can similarly be used along with other medications to prevent rejection of a transplanted kidney or liver.


Precautions / Side Effects for Afinitor

As with all drugs, using Afinitor or Everolimus also leads to side effects. Those using the Afinitor drug may experience nausea, vomiting, stomach pains, diarrhea, inflammation of lips, mouth, and throat, loss of appetite and loss of weight. Sometimes, if you employ generic or brand Afinitor, you’ll experience fever, cough, weakness, muscle pain, indigestion, and fatigue. If these symptoms persist, inform your doctor immediately. There are times once you may experience side effects on a more serious level. These include lung infection, body aches, discomfort in the chest, puffy feet, ankles and legs and weird weight gain. If you’ve got any sign of those symptoms, call your doctor immediately and seek further advice.


Before using Afinitor or Everolimus, inform your doctor if you’ve got allergies to any chemotherapeutic drugs. Inform your doctor if you suffer from kidney and liver problems. it’s suggested to not use generic or brand Afinitor unless needed and prescribed by the doctor just in case of pregnant women or breastfeeding women.


Afinitor Dosage

The recommended dosage of Afinitor is 10 mg and it should be taken once a day. you ought to attempt to take it at an equivalent time daily. Afinitor is often had with or without food. you ought to not crush, chew or break the tablets. you ought to swallow the entire tablet at just one occasion with a full glass of water. If you’re experiencing severe and/or intolerable adverse reactions, your doctor may reduce the dosage of Afinitor for a few times. The recommended reduction within the dosage is 5 mg. The dosage should be reduced to five mg daily for people affected by moderate hepatic impairment.


Buy Afinitor

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